Fire Safety

Our properties are protected by smoke and heat detectors as well as communal alarm systems.


In case of fire, preserving life is the first priority.


Please be Fire Aware:


Don't use candles or any other naked flame.


Be careful with heated electrical appliances, always unplug them.


Don't use or store gas powered hair straightners, camping stoves, or gas cylinders of any type.


Smoking is not allowed in our properties. Please ensure your visitors are aware of this.


If you discover a fire, sound the alarm.


Do not ignore alarms. Act promptly.


Have a safe escape plan for you and your visitors.


Test your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms weekly.


If the battery needs replacing on your smoke alarm, do so immediately. Instructions can be found on our How to page.



The Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting are Serviced and Maintained by ATOZ on 07974 143460