Smoke Alarm Battery


Replace the battery in your smoke detector


If its beeping every now and then it means its time to replace the battery.



If your alarm emits a single beep every so often its a sign that the battery needs replacing.


To stop the beeping the alarm battery must be replaced as soon as possible as the intervals between the beeping get shorter & shorter the flatter the battery becomes. So you wont get a lot of sleep!


So please use our Maintenance Problem form to let us know it needs doing for you.


However, it can be replaced by any competent individual. These guidelines below may be of help.


(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)



Before you get started you MUST turn off the power supply to your property. You can do this by pushing the mains switch on the fuse board to the off position.


Once youve done that. Make sure that you are using a ladder to stand on and that someone is holding it steady for you.


Done those two things? OK read on!......


Mains powered with battery back up smoke alarm.


Locate small "lug" on side of alarm.

Press in the plastic lug so that it clears the body of the smoke alarm. Whilst holding in GENTLY rotate the alarm body anticlockwise about 2 cms.

It should then gently fall away from the ceiling.

DO NOT PULL DOWNWARDS OR FORCE IT. It should easily move anticlockwise and release from the base.

The body of the smoke alarm should now gently hang from the ceiling.


The battery is located under the small flap which is held in place by the plastic connector attached to the end of the wires.


Gently grip the plastic connector, NOT THE WIRES. Ease it gently upwards away from the body of the alarm.

The alarm body will now be seperate from the base plate and the wires.


Remember that the connector only fits one way onto the small pins in the smoke alarm. You can see this in this picture.

Gently remove the battery from the body of the alarm and very gently remove the plastic end connectors from the battery terminals. DO NOT PULL THE WIRES.


Ease the plastic connector off by gripping it and wiggling off each connector seperately.


Replace the battery by connecting it to the correct terminals on the plastic connector.

Push the base plate connector into the back of the alarm. It only fits one way.


Use the end of your fingers to gently push it into place. You chould feel or hear a "click" as the lugs go into place.

Then offer the body back up towards the base plate. Making sure that the wires go back into the middle hole of the base plate on the ceiling & there is room for the plastic connector on the end of the wires not to get trapped.


Line up the hole on the body approx 2 cm anticlockwise from the plastic lug on the ceiling plate. Hold it flat against the plate and whilst pushing up to the ceiling gently rotate the body clockwise until the lug clicks back into place on the alarm body.


Thats it! Just please let us know via our "Maintenance Problem form" that you've done it and we can then put it on our list to check for you.