Boiler Problems


Boiler problems are usually very easy to fix or very complex!


Have a read through this page.


If you can re pressurise thats great!


If you need an engineer - check your "Property Information" folder.

What do I do when my boiler stops working? 

Or the 'A' and 'B' lights on the boiler are flashing alternately?

You can follow these instructions or look at the booklet about your boiler which is in the property information folder. You can also “google” how to re-pressurise your particular boiler model. 



If your boiler stops working or the lights flash then usually this means that the system pressure is too low and you may see that the system pressure gauge indicates that the pressure in the system is below 1 bar and out of the green area.

To re-pressurise the system you will find a filling loop (metal braded flexible hose) on the underside or underneath the boiler with one or two tap connections at the either end of the filling loop.

The tap or taps should be opened a quarter of a turn and the water will start to refill the system (water should be heard filling the system). You should see the pressure gauge rise back up into the green area on the pressure gauge between 1 bar and 1.5 bar pressure.

Once the pressure gauge is in the green area turn the taps back to the off position and the water will stop filling the system. The lights should now stop flashing and the boiler will now operate.


If the lights still flash, top up the system a little more but not over the green area.


If you do fill the system too much and the pressure gauge is over the green area, just bleed water from a radiator until the pressure on the gauge goes down into the green area.


Are you covered by a service contract?

Most of our boilers are covered by a Service contract. Please look in the "Property Information Folder" to see who you should call in an emergency.


Generally the company issuing your Gas Safety Certificate look after your boiler.


You can also report a problem from our Maintenance Problem page.


Or from our Plumbing / Electric page.