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Useful information, maintenance reporting forms, tenancy management. Its all here! Please remember to visit regularly.

Fire Safety


Our properties are protected by smoke and heat detectors as well as communal alarm systems.


In case of fire, preserving life is the first priority.


Please be Fire Aware:

Don't use candles or any other naked flame.

Be careful with heated electrical appliances, always unplug them.

Don't use or store gas powered hair straightners, camping stoves, or gas cylinders of any type.


Smoking is not allowed in our properties. Please ensure your visitors are aware of this.


If you discover a fire, sound the alarm.


Do not ignore alarms. Act promptly.

Have a safe escape plan for you and your visitors.


Test your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms weekly. If the battery needs replacing, do so immediately. Instructions can be found on our How to page.

Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement

If your smoke alarm battery needs replacing please take a look at our How to page

Water Leak!?

If you have a water leak it is important that you turn off the water supply to the flat and try to limit any damage that may be caused. 


The stop tap location was indicated to you at "Check In". It is also written down for you in the information section near the back of your tenancy agreement. 


Please then report the problem to us using the "maintenance problem" or "contact form" and in an emergency please also refer to the emergency contacts listed in your tenancy agreement. 

Got a Problem or a Plumbing or Electrical Emergency? 

Please tell us straight away! and also please look at the notice at the back of your tenancy agreement or the notice in the hallway for a list of emergency contacts. 


Please remember to tell us immediately you notice something! The tradesmen we use are always busy, but they usually attend to none urgent repairs within 14 days. So the sooner you report the problem the sooner we can get it sorted out for you!

Locked Out?

We recommend Peak Locksmiths for their fast efficient service.

Please remember to contact us first to see if we can help.

Their website is www.peaklocksmiths.co.uk

You will need to pay them directly.

Boiler not working?

Take a look at our How to page here. How to?

Change a Light Bulb

Heres how to change a light bulb on our How to page

Changed your phone, email or emergency contact details? 

Please tell us so we can update your contact details in our records.

Want to change Utility Supplier?

You are free to change utitity supplier during your tenancy of the property.

However we just ask that you let us know your new suppliers details.

Click here to let us know.

Ready to give notice to move out?

Please click here or on the menu to fill in our notice to end tenancy form. Please remember that you need to give us at least one months notice.

Want to stay on at the end of your current Tenancy agreement?

Its simple! Just click here to fill out the form to extend your Tenancy Agreement and check our renewal fee.

Want to send us a Payment?

Click here for deails of accepted payment methods. Including online payments

Want to visit the Deposit Protection Service website?

Click here to go to the Deposit Protection website where you can log on to view your deposit and make changes to your account.


Please remember to log on and keep your contact details up to date with them. Click here

Want to Decorate?

Our approved contractor can give you a Free Quote!

Click here to fill in a contact request.

Want Rubbish collection and Recycling information?

Click here to look at our recycling information page.

Want Pest Control Information?

It is the Tenants responsability to ensure that the property is free from infestation of rodents, insects or other pests and to be responsible for the cost of removal.

High Peak Borough Council can help with removal information. Under the terms of your contract you are also obliged to inform us of the problem and what has been done to eradicate it.

Got a problem with a neighbour?

Often people are not aware that they are causing disturbance to others. Have a polite chat with them first. Then if the problem persists High Peak Borough Council may be able to offer help or advice. You can also inform us here

Deal with Mould & Condensation

Damp & Condensation Leaflet
Leaflet containing advice about the prevention of mold caused by damp and condensation.
Adobe Acrobat document [7.2 MB]

Be Legionella aware

Be Legionella Aware
Find out about Legionella and how to mitigate risk.
Adobe Acrobat document [404.2 KB]

Keep warm & avoid frozen pipes!

Cold weather reminder
Reminders of how to prevent damage to the property during cold weather.
Cold weather reminder.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [48.9 KB]

Avoid Blocked Drains

Avoid Blocked Drains
Reminders to be aware what is flushed down the loo
Drainage Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [57.0 KB]

You can contact us by voice only on 0161 408 4749


You can text or voice via whatsapp or viber using our dedicated whatsapp & viber number 07968 331474 (this number doesnt accept calls or texts directly-please WhattsApp or Viber)


Or you can text or voice via Line using Line id. highpeakestates


Our Skype id is: highpeakestates


NHS Advice

Cold weather advice from the NHS

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